Pressure Is A Pleasure - Situations (2) - Pressure Is A Pleasure (Vinyl, LP)

    Download Pressure Is A Pleasure - Situations (2) - Pressure Is A Pleasure (Vinyl, LP)
    Label: Yellow Dog Records - 066 • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: Germany • Genre: Rock • Style: Punk


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    1. SITUATIONS - Pressure Is A Pleasure + EP Drunk'n'Roll Records/Wanda Records/No Front Teeth Records released this little slab in a handnumbered edition of items and Situations from Berlin were: Stunk (vocals), Stummel (guitars), Kei Lee (bass), Gonzo (guitars) and Hupe (drums).
    2. Pressure and Pleasure. Introduction: Strangely enough, I noticed that there are only two letters that are different in each of these terms. And yet, there is a close relationship, that we will discuss in detail, relating to two of the most deadliest devices and methods that your personal adversary will inflict upon you when you give him the opportunity.
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    6. May 03,  · A2A Pressure be Pleasure only depends on what is that bothering you and high on you where you are feeling the pressure and stress to accomplish the task/objective. Rather following ways you cab try to adopt that can help you to sort your pressure.
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